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I went to NJ for a customer training.

Maker Faire Berlin 2018

Visit us on Maker Faire Berlin this weekend!

We have new offer for VP-2500D low budget machine for 4995usd

SMALLSMT PNP Machine Desktop PNP Bestückungsautomat Prototypenfertigung

Up to 20x 8mm push feeder North side included! 16 / 12mm feeder layout possible customization included.
-26x push feeder West side included!
-6 slot nozzle changer included!
-Small tray included
-Vibration feeder included!

Part size from 0402 to 20x20mm possible 0.65mm pitch standard

VP-2500HP-CL32 customer machine pictures

Interesting customer video showing the whole SMT production cycle

Dave used our previous VP-2500D machine for SMT mounting and a vapor phase oven from our friend Marc van Stralen

He is building some really cool products for model railways.


(c) Dave Fenton MegaPoints Controllers

Software manual updated

Manual updated for new V2.032 software functions.

Vision Placer Software V2.032 updated!

New Zoom function on mouse wheel for video output window.
New switch to bigger vision output image by extern button.
New Mouse click in vision window moves machine X and Y axis.
New STRG + cursor keys move machine X and Y axis.
New Dispenser head support to save nozzle changer cart against collisions.

New Feeder assignment compare and update function.

Manual updated!

TQFP 100 placement 0.5mm pitch using VP-2800HP machine

New Dispenser Head working video

All DP and HP machines from now are able to receive this option.

See the working result!


VP2500HP-CL32 finished and shipping!

Our new machine got finished!

We are shipping 5 customer machines in the next weeks.

This is our new flagship no machine offers more automatic feeders or bigger working area at this price and size!

New Dispenser Head option for our machines

All machines from now are able to receive this option.


Our new flagship VP-2500HP-CL32 mostly finished!

Yamaha CL Feeder ball screw spindle pick and place PNP Bestückungsautomat
VP-2500HP-CL32 Spindle PNP machine 32 CL Feeder, 44 Push Feeder

Feeder FAQ Updated!

VisionPlacer V3 preview updated!

Our customer map from North to South

We are happy to fill all of the white fields on our customer map!

New sales agents welcome!

VisionPlacer V3 Parametric Vision working!

Impressions of Maker Faire Hannover 2017

Nice customer video on Youtube

VP-2500D using double head mode