The weekly news about vision based pnp machine

Our new flagship VP-2500HP-CL32 mostly finished!

Yamaha CL Feeder ball screw spindle pick and place PNP Bestückungsautomat
VP-2500HP-CL32 Spindle PNP machine 32 CL Feeder, 44 Push Feeder

Feeder FAQ Updated!

VisionPlacer V3 preview updated!

Our customer map from North to South

We are happy to fill all of the white fields on our customer map!

New sales agents welcome!

VisionPlacer V3 Parametric Vision working!

Impressions of Maker Faire Hannover 2017

Nice customer video on Youtube

VP-2500D using double head mode

Vision Placer Software V2.029 updated!

Bug fixing for unwanted feeder parameter changes,  translations updated, manual updated!

VisionPlacer V3 software impressions

Summer Promotion for VP-2500DP machines

Summer Promotion for VP-2500DP machines

We offer 300Usd discount or free vibration feeder plus 5 free nozzles set on all VP-2500DP machines.

Total value up to 525Usd if vibration feeder used.

Discount will be added to your personal offer please ask


This offer is valid until 31 July 2017!

VP-3064T and VP-3092T new impressions in our gallery

SMALLSMT VisionPlacer VP-3064T and VP-3092T impressions
SMALLSMT VisionPlacer VP-3064T and VP-3092T impressions

Impressions of Maker Faire Berlin 2017

VP-30XXT Prototype for Maker Faire Berlin ready!

Our Maker Faire exhibition machine VP-2500DP-CL32 arrived

VP-2500DP-CL32 starting sales!

Our new CL Feeder machine released!

The best things combined so start using up to 33 push feeder 8mm included on North side!

Add up to 32 CL feeders to West and East for easy changing components.

This machine offers a very stable mechanics and felxibility at reasonable price!

We use linear guide lines and stepper servos using encoder feedback lines to receive high precision.

Info page VP-2500DP-CL32


VP-2500DP-CL32 cover arrived!

Total up to 65x 8mm feeder!

Working Area: 300x350

Nozzle Changer: 6 slot

West Feeder: 16x8mm CL Feeder

North Feeder: 33x8mm push

 (6x12mm + 23x8mm possible)

East Feeder: 16x8mm CL Feeder

Machine Dimensions: 972x972x560mm

without CL feeder

Vision Placer Software V2.027 updated!

Bug fixing, machine origin by mark detection added, compensation settings for each head and camera, mark settings in project files now, grid box handling improved move camera to box possible now,  translations updated

VP-2500DP-CL16 CL Feeder machine released!

This new machine is based on the same stable VP-2500DP machine design

16x Yamaha CL Feeder support.

1x 28 push feeder West included

1x 28 push feeder East included


VP-2500DP-CL16 without feeder cassettes 7500USD

Nozzle changer 6 slot included!

New customer working video for LED Mounter online!