KNOW HOW: VP-2500D Mark detection demo

This is a demonstration for the mark detection and alignment function.

The first step shows machine connection and open the vision system.

Nect step I show the board thickness settings, PCB origin, Mark point 1, Markpoint 2 coordinates.

We can easy check every position using the camera.


What you can see in the video:

  • Our first run use the PCB in original position and show two part positions on the grid.
  • Second run adjust and offset error we moved the PCB to the right both positions are met again after adjustment.
  • Third run add angle and offset error to the PCB position and after alignment we had the same good result!



Vision Placer recommend Fiducial / Mark design parameters

This is a recommend Fiducial design.

You can use 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2mm mid pad for detection!

But don't forget the solder mask opening around!

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