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 pick & place machine, SMT Bestückungsmaschine

Our Mission is to make in-house electronics assembly profitable and enjoyable.

We do not only supply a good machine, but we provide THE BEST SERVICE for a long time.

You can find more information about our machines in VISION PLACER section.

If you like to see the Vision System performance use KNOW HOW section.

One of our first customers wrote a great article about his first experience with our pick and place machine!

Please read Allan's report about our VP-2500D LINK

How do I know a VisionPlacer is right for me?

You will never find us trying to push our product to a customer that it doesn’t make sense for. You are welcome to reach out to us send email to explain your use-case, and we are more than happy to advise on whether VisionPlacer is right for you. If it is not we will happily suggest something that is more appropriate!

We’re proud of this approach and are happy to say it is being well received and appreciated by our community and the individuals we've spoken to thus far.

contact: for sales questions

contact: for technical questions

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VisionPlacer V3 software impressions

Summer Promotion for VP-2500DP machines

Summer Promotion for VP-2500DP machines

We offer 300Usd discount or free vibration feeder plus 5 free nozzles set on all VP-2500DP machines.

Total value up to 525Usd if vibration feeder used.

Discount will be added to your personal offer please ask


This offer is valid until 31 July 2017!

VP-3064T and VP-3092T new impressions in our gallery

SMALLSMT VisionPlacer VP-3064T and VP-3092T impressions
SMALLSMT VisionPlacer VP-3064T and VP-3092T impressions