VisionPlacer are professional pick and place machine aimed for prototype and small production.

Bestückungsautomat PNP machine pick & place SMALLSMT high precision placer fine placer

We offer continuous innovation and development

SMALLSMT development time line
SMALLSMT development time line

Our Mission is to make in-house electronics assembly profitable and enjoyable.

We do not only supply a good machine, but we provide THE BEST SERVICE for a long time.

VisionPlacer the Pick and Place Machine for your lab.

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SMT Bestückungsmaschine

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VisionPlacer Software updated V2.042

VisionPlacer Software updated V2.042

- Fixed bug for visual origin detection the brightness and contrast settings now taken from "Basic Settings"

- Added a visual area paramter for Visual Origin detection in "Basic Settings"

- New Parking position option in Basic settings

- Fixed BGA mark suppression in visal alignment options

Please Backup you files first before running setup or installing update!

For software update download only ZIP file don't use complete software setup.


HR-300 Reflow Oven in stock in Germany!

Bestückungsautomat für Prototypen und Kleinserien

Wir bauen Bestückungsmaschinen für die zuverlässige Bestückung von Leiterplatten, für Prototypen und Kleinserien. Abhängig von Ihren Ansprüchen bieten wir einfache Produkte bis zu den HP (High Precision) Bestückungsautomaten die über AC Servos und Kugelumlaufspindeln eine absolute Positionierung ermöglichen.

Pick and Place Machine for prototyping and smaller batches

We are manufacturer for Pick & Place machines used for professional assembly of pcb for prototypes and small batches. Depending on your demands we offer simple pick and place machines up to our High Precision HP machines. For HP pnp machines we us AC servo motors and ball screw spindles to achieve closed loop positioning.

Máquina Pick and Place para prototipos y pequeñas producciones.

Somos fabricantes de máquinas Pick and Place usadas por profesionales para prototipos y pequeñas producciones. Dependiendo de sus demandas podemos ofrecer desde máquinas Pick and Place básicas hasta nuestras máquinas HP de alta precisión. Para nuestras HP pnp usamos servo motores de AC con husillo para conseguir un control de posición de lazo cerrado.