V2 Software BLOG


- UI improvements and range checks added

- Update needed for new machine controller functions

- HD Cameras now integrated

- Vibration feeder supports push count to do interval feeds 2x 50ms for  example drive 50ms on, 50ms off, 50ms on, 50ms off

- bug fixes for connection problems


- Extended security features for CPU Version V2.05 & V2.06

- Limit switch detection improved

- Conveyour dialog added


- Fixed bug for visual origun detection the brightness and contrast settings now taken from "Basic Settings"

- Added a visual area paramter for Visual Origin detection in "Basic Settings"

- New Parking position option in Basic settings

- Fixed BGA mark suppression in visal alignment options



- Fixed bug in panel position correction

- Add speed limiter in speed settings dialog

- Fixed some issues for speed management added in V2.035

- Open / Close video now on single click again

- Button added in feeder editor to open / close CL feeder (don't forget to close again after settings finished)



New settings for Dispenser in Basic Settings and Strategy Settings dialogs.

Software manual updated.

Axis movement buttons in feeder dialog.

Z axis can get moved using 3 new buttons now and Z axis selection drop down box added!


Since V2.035 you need to open the CL feeder before setting pickup position using manual control. The same for pick to visual camera function!

We add new button function for open / close CL feeder soon!




Feeder selection dropdown list in pnp list view has now 2 columns and showing part name too.

Package database has new fields now plus selective updates by check box.

Feeder has vision precision settings now.

New find function in PNP list

New compare function in PNP list to show differences in part names of assigned feeder.

New double head placement strategy

PNP file matching field now Part name and Part packing possible



New Zoom function on mouse wheel for video output window.
New switch to bigger vision output image by extern button
New Mouse click in vision window moves machine X and Y axis.
New STRG + cursor keys move machine X and Y axis.
New Dispenser head support to save nozzle changer cart against collisions.

New Feeder assignment compare and update function


Bug fixing, Machine origin by mark detection added, compensation settings for each head and camera, mark settings in project files now, Grid box handling improved move to box possible now.

Vision models added.

Visual Origin Set to improve the precision of machine origin. You can add a mark point in the working area and the machine will detect this mark point and adjust the machine origin if enabled.

Update Origin function to shift all machine positions together.


1. Vision Models added to feeder settings

2. Push feeder head move to zero position on pickup error.

3. Camera / digitizer support updated higher resolutions possible.

4. Alignment settings changed.




  1. Special mark points added to support center points for IC before placement.
  2. Move head to drop position added.
  3. Update Feeder button for PNP list added.

Mark points settings now inside the project file including improved mark detection function.

Manual Mark points to test and adjust manually by camera and confirm the change by operator.

Offset corrections for each head now possible inside the camera settings.