Adjusting CL Feeder

Changing CL feeder pitch from 4 to 8mm
MP4 Video/Audio File 9.0 MB
Changing CL Feeder pitch from 12 to 16mm
MP4 Video/Audio File 15.0 MB

Changing  pitch for 24mm CL Feeder

How to install CL feeder
MP4 Video/Audio File 15.1 MB

VP-2500DP 0201 placement video

VP-2500DP first test

VP-2500DP-CL32 customer video

VP-2500DP-CL32 placing 0402 parts test run

VP-2500DP-CL32 cover switch demonstration

VP-2500DP placing 0402 parts

VP-2500HP working video exhibition machine for Maker Faire Berlin 2016

VP-2000S working video exhibition machine for Maker Faire Berlin 2016

Customer Dave Fenton (MegaPoint Controllers) video VP-2500D placing mixed components

Yusheng videos

VP-2500D placing a TQFP 208 fine pitch IC using a mechanical alignment tool

VP-2500HP spindle machine customer video

VP-2500D belt machine placing it's head controller PCB

VP-2500D belt machine V2 / 2016 version running a mixed placement job. (Yusheng front sticker)

VP-2500HP V2 machine running 0402 placement using double head mode

VP-2500D V1 machine running a placement job

VP-2500HP V2 machine automatic nozzle changer and double head placement

VP-2500HP V2 machine nozzle changer and vibration feeder preview

You see the differences in the placement of 0402 parts if the vision system is switched off. The main influence has the nozzles concentricity accuracy and the pickup position.

VP-2500HP V2 machine new design placing 0402 resistors

VP-2500HP old V1 machine placing 0603 resistors

VP-2500D Vision system test video placing TQFP44 part

Snapshot from video

VP-2000D prototype running high speed vision test placing 0603 resistors

Here is the result

VP-2000D installing tape in feeder line

VP-2000D Placing 0402 parts using vision system