We add a new Dispenser Head option and dispensing controller to our machines

The option includes the syringe holder and soon integrated controller!

We use a spring for flexible Z axis position.

The new syringe holder gets mounted in front of placement head 2.


All DP and HP machines from now are able to receive this option except 4 head machines.


V2 software does the time controller and switch output to enable external or internal dispenser controller.

The function can be enabled by selecting "glue dispenser" mode in machine type menu.

The machine move to every X/Y position in the PNP list and opens the dispenser valve for XXXms.

If syringe holder mounted the second pnp head is blocked and can't be used for PNP!



The complete dispensing controller is now embedded in our machine!

No external dispensing controller needed.

Glue dispensing job result

This is a glue dispensing job result.

We used 0.5mm needle and our own embedded dispensing controller.




VP-2500HP-CL32 Dispenser head working video

This is our dispenser kit
This is our dispenser kit

We offer syringe and nozzle tips

Needle sizes from 0.1 to 1.8mm

Glue / Dispenser head installation video

Preliminary instructions

If we use like now you should copy your SMT Directory to second Folder.


We run the dispenser mode from this directory exe to keep 2 different setups.


If you enable the glue dispenser mode in “help>>machine config” menu.


Next step you need to set the head2 to part surface in basic settings to adjust the dispenser needle height.


After importing the PNP file containing the X/Y positions for each dispenser position the valve open time set in strategy settings using “dispenser delay” parameter.


Now we are able to run the job.