Vision Placer VP-2500D V2 double head push feeder machine

Up to 20x 8mm push feeder North side included! 16 / 12mm feeder layout possible customization included.

26x push feeder West side included!

6 slot nozzle changer included!

Small tray included

Vibration feeder included!


Part size from 0402 to 20x20mm possible 0.65mm pitch standard

Moving Area:


Size: 740*630*360mm

Package: 780*710*400mm

Machine Weight: 65Kg

Package Weight: 95Kg

Working Area: 260x240mm


SMALLSMT VP-2000S pick & place machine bottom camera view
VP-2000S Bottom cameras

We use new bottom cameras now to improve the vision system quality.

This machine has all software options of our bigger machines.

The picture shows a VP-2000S for demonstration only.


VP-2500D pick place machine nozzle changer
VP-2500D Nozzle changer

Our VP-2500D machines got a nozzle changer to store 6 nozzles in the rack. Now it is possible to use 6 different nozzles in one placement job!

VP-2000S Bestückungsmaschine mit Vibrationsfeeder
VP-2000S Vibration feeder

This is the vibration feeder option for component tubes.

Up to 7x SO-8 wide tubes fit inside the feeder.

Tube tip need a cut out to pickup the part from tube.

VP-2500D special offer

Our VP-2500D, double head machine including

- 6 slot nozzle changer

- vibration feeder#

- up to 21x8mm push feeder north and 26x 8mm push feeder west

- 2x bottom camera

- 1x top camera

- V2 VisionPlacer software

- USB video digitizer

- USB serial converter

- tool set



  • Available
  • Ships within 3-7 days1

VP-2500D working video