VP-2000S Drag Feeder Machine

Nozzle Changer




Vision Placer VP-2000S

This machine has 1 heads and up to 40 x 8mm Feeders


VP-2000S single head 360 degrees continuous rotation,(gallery)

1x top and 2x bottom cameras have a different optical magnification,

Standard feeder configuration is 20 x8mm west and 4x 16mm, 5x 12mm, 7x 8mm east

up to 40 x 8mm feeders plus build in tray option,

west and east feeder included,

Drag needle on head 2.

4 slot nozzle changer included,

240 x 250mm working area, Z axis travel height is 15mm maximum part height 12mm,

capable to mount 0402,0603,0805,1206 and bigger, SOP, QFN, TQFP with minimum 0,5mm pitch,


machine steering keyboard for run / pause / stop and axis movement,


vacuum display for each placement head,

CP45 nozzles snap in holder,

3 nozzles included 1x CN040 1x CN065 + 1x CN220,


Placement speed above 2000pcs / hour!


Mains supply is 110V / 230V AC 50 / 60Hz 400W

All axis are driven by Japanese Stepper motors.


32 Bit ARM build in controller system connected to PC by USB interface.


Shipping is done by DHL Express Air freight!

VP-2000D dual head, 1x top and 2x bottom cameras, max. 36 x 8mm feeders, build in tray option, 240 x 270mm working area


  • 50 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 3-5 weeks1