Education videos

Here we offer some videos of web meetings to show how to setup and use our software.

If we receive the permission from customer to show we will place it here.

This are no professional videos only simple recordings from web meetings but I hope it could help.

First software steps

This video from a customer meeting with Dr. Joseph Bianco from yoddasoftware in USA.

First meeting to explain the VisionPlacer V2 software.

Please click on the photo to open the dropbox link.

CL Feeder related videos

Changing CL Feeder pitch from 4 to 8mm
MP4 Video/Audio File 9.0 MB
Changing CL Feeder pitch from 12 to 16mm
MP4 Video/Audio File 15.0 MB
CL Feeder installation
MP4 Video/Audio File 15.1 MB