VP-2500DP-CL32 SMT mounter using 32 CL feeder and 33 push feeder

  • new linear guides on all axis, no head shaking like competitor machines using small belts and simple round rods
  • new winder mechanics on our integrated push feeders
  • new 3 side feeder system
  • new bottom camera position changed both cameras reachable for both heads
  • new mounting options inside the working area
  • new stronger motors and belts used including closed loop driver system for X and Y axis
  • new small tray feeder included on north and south side of PCB holder
  • 2 side CL feeder support
  • 2 side vibration feeder support up to 14 SO-8 tubes now possible!

This new machine is based on the same stable VP-2500DP machine design


Working Area: 300x350

Nozzle Changer: 6 slot included!


West Feeder: 16x8mm CL Feeder slots

North Feeder: 33x8mm push Feeder (customization possible)

 (6x12mm + 23x8mm possible)

East Feeder: 16x8mm CL Feeder slots


West Vibration Feeder: up to 7x SO-8 tubes

East Vibration Feeder: up to 7x SO-8 tubes


Machine Dimensions: 972x972x560mm


Totally 33+16+16+7+7 = 79 automatic feeders plus strip feeder and tray feeder totally!


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pick and place machine Bestückungsautomat Bestückungsmaschine pick & place machine CL Feeder
VP-2500DP-CL32 front

A pick and place machine need feeder lines to supply the components for the placement process.

Our machines have up to 32 CL feeder and up to 33 push feeders on the machine table.

The feeder stock is Yamaha CL feeder compatible

desktop pick and place machine LED mounter Yamaha CL feeder
VP-2500DP-CL32 CL feeder bay
nozzle changer automatic pick and place desktop machine
VP-2500DP-CL32 mounter working area
SMALLSMT VP-2500DP pick & place machine bottom camera view
VP-2500DP-CL32 cover open

We use new bottom cameras now to improve the vision system quality. Both bottom cameras are now usable for both heads.

X and Y axis motors changed using stronger versions to rise the pick and place speed.

Y axis motor is now a closed loop servo stepper motor. The PCB holder on north side has small tray feeder now too.

VP-2500DP-CL32 push feeder on the back side included
VP-2500DP-CL32 push feeder on the back side included

Vision Placer VP-2500DP-CL32

VP-2500DP-CL32 without feeder cassettes

32x Yamaha CL Feeder support. (8mm feeder width)

up to 33x 8mm push feeder North included


Nozzle changer 6 slot included!


  • 140 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 3-5 weeks1


Working videos

0402 placement test

cover switch test