VP-2500DP machine page updated!

  • new linear guides on all axis, no head shaking like competitor machines using small belts and simple round rods
  • new winder mechanics on our integrated push feeders
  • new 3 side feeder possible having slots to move wasted tape under the machine
  • new bottom camera position changed both cameras reachable for both heads
  • new mounting options inside the working area
  • new stronger motors and belts used
  • new small tray feeder included on north and south side of PCB holder
  • good value for price VP-2500DP NW 6399usd / VP-2500DP NWE 6699usd including all feeder and nozzle changer!
SMALLSMT PNP Machine Pick and place Bestückungsmaschine Bestückungsautomat Prototypen