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SMALLSMT VP-2500HP vibration feeder + nozzle changer view

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New VP-2500DP Pick and Place machine released!

We improved our VP-2500D using linear guides and stronger motors to receive better precision and speed. The machine design has low vibrations and stable frame. Feeders are now possible on 3 sides including slots and 28x8mm feeder on West and East sides.

The bottom cameras are centered now and we added a litte tray at north side.


Some updates about our VisionPlacer V3 Software and VP-30XXD machine pictures added!


Vison Placer Software Update to V2.022

Software release V2.022
CSV import function repaired!
Speed Layout import function added!
Vision system bug solved!
Some translations updated.


If your old software installation is before V2.015 you need to make a copy of your old nozzle changer calibration first. Save your old calibration files and copy the files to your application directory.
Then take over the old nozzle changer calibration values to the new nozzle changer dialog!
Nozzle changer updated and NEW package database function working now!
Placement compensation added to the basic settings dialog X and Y offset can be defined for each head.
Feeder Groups can be copied now.
New right click menu option for pick to visual camera added.
Componment database 2 fields added for suction delay pick / put.